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LION® SmartDummy™ Rescue

SKU: SD055#

The SmartDummy™ Rescue is an interactive manikin that adds realism during training.


The SmartDummy™ Rescue manikin takes your training to the next level by creating the most realistic victim-involved rescue scenarios, from search and rescue to extrication. Whether it’s a vehicle crash, entanglement or downed firefighter removal scenario, the SmartDummy™ Rescue manikin is tough enough to meet the most rigorous training demands. Smart enough to interact with rescuers, the SmartDummy™ manikin feels, sounds and moves like a real person.

Designed to withstand your toughest training evolutions, the SmartDummy™ Rescue is made of strong, abrasion resistant canvas that is both sturdy and flexible, comes with a rugged uni-shell surface, removable boots and a Drag Rescue Device.

The interactive sound-activated SmartDummy™ Adjustable Call Voice Box located in the head makes it easy to record continuous or sound-activated playback messages in between evolutions. You can set it to cough, call out for help, or direct rescuers to find additional victims.


  • Heavy-duty abrasion resistant material - Allows you to crush, pin and drag the SmartDummy rescue manikin and the rugged uni-shell construction stands up to significant crush loads
  • Reinforced high-stress points - Ensure arm and leg joints remain intact
  • Internal structure and weighted padding - Provide uniform weight distribution
  • Flexible design - Allows joints at elbow, knee and waist to move without creating pinch points or causing it to get stuck or jammed in tight spaces during rescue operations
  • Drag Rescue Device (DRD) strap - Can be used to demonstrate victim removal and for easy carrying between training evolutions
  • Voice Box - Allows the manikin to call out for help and interact with rescuers – record custom messages with a built-in microphone for continuous or sound activated playback

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