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Build Your Own - Kuriyama Jafline® HD™ All Polyester Double-Jacket Custom Fire Hoses


Custom build your hose below and submit for a quote.
Jafline® HD™ is a synthetic, double-jacket fire hose. It has a rubber lining, offering excellent resistance to ozone. This synthesized rubber is also more resistant to abrasion and oxidation than natural rubber. The outside jacket is impregnated with a high-tech polymer, offering excellent resistance to moisture and abrasion.


  • High Burst Rating - 1,200 psi up to 3" diameter.
  • Superior Performance -Very low friction loss.
  • Maintenance Free - Immune to mildew and rot.
  • Coated for Better Durability - All colored hose is impregnated with our tough heat-set polymer coating for the best abrasion resistance.
  • Available in blue, green, black, orange, purple, red, tan, white and yellow.
  • Meets or exceeds National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1961 Standard on Fire Hose (current edition).
  • 10-year warranty.

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