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Kochek PVC Suction Hose

SKU: P1532

The PVC suction hose is lightweight, flexible, and durable and are the trademarks of the Kochek brand name. It is the only brand designed specifically for the fire market. Our patented, field repairable, poly-lock collar and hose are backed by an industry leading warranty. Choose the original, the best, choose Kochek PVC suction hose.



  • Exclusive interlock coupling system, the best coupling system available on the market. This system has been proven in the field in thousands of applications. It is the ONLY TRULY FIELD REPAIRABLE coupling system obtainable, requiring no banding machines for repair
  • Lightweight design, while retaining a quality wall thickness
  • Flexibility from 150 degrees F to -40 degrees F
  • A smooth bore for unrestricted flow
  • A clear web to aid in visual flow monitoring
  • UV protection designed into the hose