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Irwin Air Ltd. SS Series Dual Pressure Fill Stations


Our Space Saver series offers great functionality in an ergonomically designed package. All of our fill stations have been 3rd party tested and meet or exceed NFPA 1901.


  • All Steel Construction
  • Grade 8 Steel Structural Hardware
  • Design 3rd Party Tested To Meet NFPA 1901
  • Ergonomic Design For Comfortable Operation
  • Ergonomic Heads-Up Control Panel Allows Monitoring And Adjustments From a Standing Position
  • Vertical Blast Tubes Direct Air Blast And Debris Away From The Operator Should A Failure Occur
  • Blast Tubes Designed To Fit All SCBA Cylinders
  • 2216, 3000 or 4500psi Fill Pressures
  • Isolation Valve For each Fill Pressure
  • Safety Relief Valve For each Fill Pressure
  • Supply Shut-Off Valve
  • Color Coded Labels For Each Fill Position and Fill Pressure
  • Color Coded Fill Lines for each Fill position and Fill Pressure
  • Adjustable, Self Venting Regulator With Inlet & Outlet Gauges
  • Lined Blast Tubes Reduce Wear To SCBA Cylinders
  • Open Door Safety Shut Off