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Flat Head Axe is the ideal tool for forcible entry. This axe offers a large strike surface, balanced design and a contoured head to be used as a wedge when necessary.

Pick Head Axe offers a large spike to maximize penetration into roofs.

The Lock-Slot 8 Forcible Entry Axe is a perfectly balanced Force Axe in the hands of a firefighter for striking the MAXIMUS Forcible Entry Halligan Bar.  The Lock-Slot 8 features a  drop forged head of high carbon steel, rockwell heat-treated and coated with anti-rust zinc plate. The "marrying slots" lock the MAXIMUS or the Pro Bar to the axe for easy carry by one hand - no straps needed.  To quickly release from the married position, simply tap the handle on any surface.  The Lock-Slot 8 has a yellow triple strength fiberglass handle with a deer's hoof knurled bottom and a Thermo rubber grip. An added overstrike at the head helps measure where your hand should be placed when striking an iron.