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Optimize Your Fire Department’s Storage with Circul-Air

Streamline your fire department’s organization with Circul-Air’s robust storage solutions. Designed for durability and quick access, Circul-Air storage units ensure your PPE is always ready when you need it.

Durable Hose Racks for Efficient Storage and Transport

Circul-Air’s rugged hose racks are built to last, providing a reliable solution for storing heavy-duty hoses. The portable hose rack option simplifies transportation throughout the firehouse, enhancing efficiency and convenience. Proper storage and maintenance of your hoses with Circul-Air storage racks not only extend their lifespan but also ensure peak performance in the field.


Wall Mounted:

The wall-mounted gear lockers provide a space-saving storage option. The North American. 4~point construction provides structural stability within wall-mounted lockers. Offering endless locker combinations provides the station with the ability to fulfill their unique storage needs.

Free Standing:

The free-standing locker is like the build of the mobile lockers except the leveling feet temporarily fix them to a location. With the ease of installation, the free-standing option provides the flexibility of the mobile with the simplified installation of the wall mounted . The robust design offers stability without being fixed to the wall. The variety of sizes and color options provides the opportunity to customize your storage needs.


The mobile lockers offer the ability to maximize storage anywhere in the station. These fully mobile storage rocks are built to last with our 4-poinl construction design that is North American made. Offered in 18, 20 and 24 inches with the option of custom colors, we provide options that fit our station's needs.

Portable Hose Rack:

Keeping your gear organized is made simple with Circul-Air's variety of fire department storage options. Each locker and storage unit is designed to stand up against the test of time, with the accessibility needed lo be able to grab PPE at a moment’s notice. With the portable option, transporting heavy-duly hose throughout the firehouse has never been easier. Additionally. ensuring your hose is kept clean and stored properly will increase its lifespan and eliminate issues with it in the field. Time-tested in active fire stations, the Circul-Air portable hose rock is built lo last!

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