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BullDog Hi-Combat II® Aggressive Attack Line Firefighting Hose

SKU: 013125AL-1

For more customizable hose options please contact your rep.
Hi-Combat II® is a high-quality lay-flat interior attack fire hose built with performance, flexibility, and endurance in mind. The hose is constructed to ensure reliability with its special abrasion-resistant outer jacket. Price for quantity of 1 - Volume discounts available


Hi-Combat II™ is the ultimate in fire fighting hose technology for aggressive interior combat operations. Its unique 4-part construction design gives professional combat firefighters the performance, flexibility and endurance to deal with the toughest challenges. With higher kink, heat, abrasion and chemical resistance, lower drag coefficiency and unique antiburst technology, Hi-Combat II™'s super powerful attributes set standards for fire hose that every fire fighter deserves.'

Hi-Combat IIR is also available, and it was designed to address situations where interior attack hose is used as a lifeline. With reflective material woven into the hose, fire fighters and civilians can follow the reflective "Exit Arrows" incorporated into the hose to safety.


  • Fire Hose for aggressive interior combat operations
  • Friction loss at 200 gpm is over 15% less than regular 1-3/4" hose
  • Kink Resistance exceeds that of conventional jacketed hose
  • Drag Co-efficiency is the lowest of any fire hose we have tested making it easier to pull during attack operations
  • Abrasion resistant outer jacket is designed and manufactured to withstand a minimum of 2000 cycles on the U.L. abrasion test and 12,000 cycles on the F.M abrasion test programs
  • Anti-burst Technology ensures it will not burst catastrophically even with a 1/2" diameter hole through both the jacket and liner Hi-Combat can withstand a surface temperature of 1000°F for a minimum of 45 seconds, at a static pressure of 100 psi
  • Cold Resistant to at least -36F
  • Chemical Resistant liner protects from exposure to water and contamination by most chemical substances, hydrocarbons, oils and grease
  • Available as 1-3/4" line and 2-1/2" big flow line, ideal for master stream operations and high rise fire fighting

Technical Specs

Size Pressure
Service Proof Burst
Bowl Size Weight
Coil Diameter
inch mm psi kpa psi kpa psi kpa inch lbs kg inch mm
1-3/4 45 500 3500 1000 7000 1500 10500 2-1/8 18 8.1 16.5 419
2 50 500 3500 1000 7000 1500 10500 2-3/8 20 9.07 17.5 445
2-1/2 65 500 3500 1000 7000 1500 10500 2-7/8 23 10.4 18.5 470