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The future of firefighting is here with LUNAR, the latest in search and rescue technology.

With advancements in technology, we can go beyond how we think of safety for search and rescue in the fire service with the MSA LUNAR.

LUNAR is a handheld, wireless device to help keep firefighters connected when it matters most, and in the most unpredictable situations.

LUNAR can be used on-scene, on or off air, and is equipped with Firefighting Assisting Search Technology (F.A.S.T), edge detection enhanced thermal imaging and connectivity to provide an “all in one” safety solution.

LUNAR is a small-format thermal imager with an exclusive thermal palette: Edge Detection. When there is a temperature difference, it highlights that area with a bright green highlight. This aids in improving situational awareness, but more specifically for identifying areas of concern such as hot spots and ventilation points like windows, doors and exits.

LUNAR’s Edge Detection can be adjusted and configured to suit your preferences and needs. By using the mobile app “FireGrid Configure”, you can configure the specific parameter settings, change your LUNAR to a wide range of colour palettes, update the software, and personalize the device with a department issued name.

LUNAR’s proactive navigation of hotspots and low visibility environments makes it the most crucial search and rescue technology for the safety of firefighters.

LUNAR also comes with Exclusive Firefighting Assisting Search Technology (F.A.S.T) which is able to combine direction and distance information data enabling firefighters to locate separated teammates faster, and more accurately…….when every second counts!