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Seek Attack Pro+ Thermal Imaging Camera

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the AttackPRO+ thermal imaging camera, designed with firefighters, for firefighters. This NFPA Certified thermal imaging camera offers an unmatched combination of image quality, durability, and affordability, setting a new standard in firefighting equipment.

Key Features:

High Resolution & Wide Field of View: Scan large areas quickly, identifying hazards or victims with a 57-degree field of view.
Mixed-Gain Pixel Technology: Eliminate visual confusion and delays by seamlessly viewing high and low gain details in one image.
SV1 Image Optimization: See the hottest and coolest regions simultaneously without switching modes, enhancing clarity.
Durable, Waterproof Design: With an IP67 rating and 2-meter drop resistance, AttackPRO+ is built for tough environments.
Long-Lasting Battery: Over 6 hours of continuous thermal imaging keeps you prepared during critical operations.
Simple Operation: One-button thermal operation ensures efficient and consistent performance without confusing menus.
Robust Personal TIC: Affordable for entire departments, each kit includes the camera, two batteries, and a charging dock.
Optional Flashlight: A 300-lumen LED flashlight enhances visibility through smoke at the touch of a button.
Search and Rescue: Quickly locate victims and perform self-rescue with reliable thermal imaging.
Faster 360 Size-ups & Overhaul: Save time and lives with rapid, reliable imaging when seconds count.

Optional Accessories:

Enhance your AttackPRO+ experience with our optional accessories. Keep your camera charged on the go with a convenient truck charger, and ensure it's always within reach with a durable lanyard. These add-ons provide additional flexibility and ease, making your critical firefighting tool even more effective and accessible.
AttackPRO Series Truck Charger

AttackPRO Series Truck Charger

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AttackPRO Series Lanyard

AttackPRO Series Lanyard

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Equip your entire department with the first affordable decision-making TIC and enhance your firefighting precision today. The AttackPRO+ thermal imaging camera will allow you and your team to experience the next level of firefighting efficiency and safety.