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How It's Made: The MSA G1 SCBA

Since 1914 MSA has strived to keep men and women working in some of the most dangerous conditions safe. But as the world changes, so do its hazards. That's why we never stop inventing, adapting, or raising the standard for personal protective equipment. This tireless dedication to safety and innovation comes alive in the creation and assembly of the G1 SCBA!

MSA introduced the G1 as a tool to help firefighters breathe safer, communicate better, and respond to on-scene changes faster than ever. While the G1 is a groundbreaking piece of firefighting tech, its assembly process is done the right way - the old-school way.

The G1 is assembled by hand in their Murrysville, Pennsylvania facility, opened in 1976. The Murrysville plant employs 350 hard-working men and women who put together every part of the G1 SCBA with pride. MSA machines the metal themselves as they are very serious about getting things right!

The G1's assembly process begins with its electronics. From there, the facepiece, then the speaker module, and then the cylinders. Next, it's off to a series of rigorous tests. Our associates assemble, run diagnostics, add some finishing touches, and pack up the G1. With the G1, everything from valve fittings to labels is touched by a trusted associate. Not a single piece of the G1 is left to chance!