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A.J. Stone Company is pleased to announce a new partnership with Genesis Rescue Systems, which manufactures EFORCE 2.0, the most complete and diverse line of battery tools in the fire service today. This addition to our product line is in response to our customers' requests for a complete line of battery-operated rescue tools and battery pack-options with features that go beyond the basics. Whether your needs are for auto extrication, confined-space rescue, USAR, or forcible entry, they are all covered by the Genesis line of EFORCE 2.0 battery tools and accessories. Genesis' innovation and dedication to innovation and constant improvement are second to none. >> CONTACT US TO SCHEDULE A DEMO!


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To our valued customers,

Although we hope you were able to salvage a few nice days of this strange summer for fun and sun with family and friends, we now switch our thoughts and prayers to the Caribbean and U.S. residents who are being so traumatically effected by Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Marie, and those dealing with earthquake in Mexico. It is unimaginable the damage and destruction that nature has caused for our neighbours to the south, and certainly not to ignore the horrible forest fires that have ravaged large parts of British Columbia. The world weather seems to be spinning out of control at the moment, hopefully without continued loss of life and property. A.J. Stone Co. has committed to sending funds to the Canadian Red Cross to assist in their disaster relief efforts.

As we head into the fall, there will be lots of exciting news to share with you as we review vendors and opportunities to bring new products and services to the Fire Service of Ontario.

In keeping with our theme of Firefighter Safety and Health Protection, we again remind you of the new recommendations for Bunker Gear cleaning to remove potentially carcinogenic matter from bunker suits. As well as partnering with Continental Washers to bring you washer extractors and RamAir Dryers, we are pleased to offer a line of products to support bunker gear cleaning. The 3 products are GREASE-OUT stain cleaner, BLOOD-OUT stain cleaner, and GLIDE-SFO smoke/fire/odour detergent for professional wet cleaning. Call us at 1-800-205-3473 to place your order.

To all of our customers who enjoy hunting season, we wish you success, stay warm, dry and safe, and we’ll keep you updated whether in your office, or mobile in your tree stand!

Yours in Fire Safety,

The Stone Family and Staff

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