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UniFire 20" Ventilation Rescue Chainsaw


Engineered specifically for the fire and rescue industry, these saws have a number of features that make them outstanding tools for the fire and rescue extraction. Univent ventilation chainsaws prevent vapor locking in high heat situations and are air injected with a pure foam air filter that is impossible to plug - even in the heaviest of smoke concentrated environments.

  • Saw power head must have 4.5 cubic inch (73.5 cc displacement with a 2.05-inch (52 mm) molybdenum impregnated bore and 1.34 inch (34 mm) stroke.
  • Power head must develop 5.7 horsepower at 9600 RPM.
  • Power head shall idle at 2700 RPM and must obtain a maximum unloaded speed of 13,500 RPM.
  • Centrifugal clutch must engage at 3500 RPM.
  • Electronic Ignition must have lifetime warranty.
  • Carburetor must be an all position diaphragm type with integral fuel pump.
  • Carburetor must be air injected for improved performance.
  • Covered foam air filter to protect it from debris and water.
  • Carburetor must be isolated from the cylinder by vibration dampening rubber boot and isolating wall to prevent vapor lock.
  • Muffler must be side ported USFS and ANSI approved with spark arrestor.
  • Carburetor must be isolated from the cylinder by a fiberglass spacer, rubber boot and isolating wall to prevent vapor lock.
  • Muffler will not exceed 116dB at maximum RPM.
  • A heavy-duty .060" stainless steel plate must protect muffler.
  • Crankshaft shall be balanced three (3) piece drop forged.
  • Crankshaft shall be supported by two (2) drop groove ball bearings.
  • Piston shall be made from a low friction alloy and Molybdenum impregnated.
  • Rod shall have silver plated needle bearings.
  • Cylinder shall have asymmetrical cooling fins and shall be cooled by a high capacity fan.
  • Power head must be isolated from handle assembly by three (3) "springs" to dampen vibration.
  • Saw shall have full wrap handle for operator protection and safety.
  • Saw shall have rear hand guard.
  • Saw shall have large Billet Aluminum D-Ring handle for easy starting with gloves.
  • Saw must have safety inertia activated .10 second chain break that conforms to all ANSI standards.
  • Saw must have positive position on/off switch for safety (Momentary switch is not acceptable.)
  • Power head shall have large fill caps.
  • Fuel tank volume shall be 23.67 fl. oz.
  • Oil tank capacity shall be .85 US pints.
  • Oil output must be adjustable.
  • Oil pump must be automatic.
  • Power head dry weight must not exceed 14.55 lbs.
  • Power head dry weight with 20" bar and chain loop must not exceed 20.55 lbs.
  • Power head must run on a 50:1 fuel oil mixture.
  • Saw must be single cylinder, 2 cycles with loop scavenging.
  • Saw must include: powerhead, bar, chain loop, tool kit, manual, 1 bottle of two cycle oil, 1 quart of bar oil and bar scabbard.
  • Saw must have 180-day warranty.
  • Saw must meet Department of Labor General Industry
  • Safety Standards Commission Safety Standard Part 74 Fire Fighting standard R408.17442 (1) OSHA, ANSI, UL, EN, EPA-2 Standards
  • Titanium roller bar.
  • Stainless Steel Depth Gauge.
  • Grease Gun & Grease.
  • Fuel Tank & Tool Storage.
  • Saw Strap.
  • Eye Protection.
  • Hearing Protection.
  • Additional Chain Loops.
  • 12" - 30" Bars.
  • Chain Breaker.
  • Chain Spinner.
  • Chain Grinder.
  • Bulk Chain.
  • Saw Case.
  • Bar must be 1 piece precision ground with induction hardened and square polished rails.
  • Bar thickness shall be .200".
  • Slot must be milled .063 gauge.
  • Sprocket nose must be replaceable with single rivet fastening system.
  • Sprocket nose must have overlapping ear nose/body attachment.
  • Bar shall have specially designed .160" diameter oil holes to reduce plugging for fast cooler cutting.
  • Bar shall have wide tail contour.
  • Drive sprocket must be floating rim and drum, self cleaning and ported.
  • Drive sprocket must be 1.780 inches diameter.
  • Bar must be 16 or 20 inches long, with optional length bars available.
  • Bar must have 1 year wear warranty, excluding sprocket nose.
  • Chain speed must be 121.6 Feet Per Second at 13,500 RPM.
  • Chain must be .404 pitch.
  • Chain drive link must be .063 gauge.
  • Chain must be C 11 carbide tipped.
  • Carbide must be Rockwell 92.3.
  • Carbide must have 537,000 lbs per square inch transverse rupture strength.
  • Carbide must have a 30 degree top plate angle.
  • Carbide must have a 15 degree hook angle.
  • Chain must have a .045 inch thick top plate.
  • Chain must have .060 inch thick side straps.
  • Must be fabricated from Stainless Steel.
  • Must be spring loaded safety design.
  • Must be retrofit to any 16" or 20" bar/powerhead combination.
  • Must be easily removed and installed with 2 nuts.
  • Nuts must be same size as bar nuts to facilitate the use of the bar wrench tool for gauge removal.
  • Gauge must cover the entire chain path.
  • Front guard must slide over back guard.
  • Must have handle to provide additional lifting position.
  • Must have angled foot to help guide the bar into the surface and to keep bar from hitting the ground in the starting position.
  • Must have maximum cutting depth of 5" on 16" bar or 7" on 20" bar.
  • Must have ruler in 1/4" increments.
  • Ruler must be printed on reflective material for night use.
  • Must be adjustable in maximum plunge depths at 1" increments.
  • Must have the ability to hold plunge depth at 1" increment from 1" - 5" on 16" bar and from 1" - 7" on 20" bar.
  • Must have the ability for minute adjustment from 0" - 5.5 "
  • Must be installed by drilling 2 holes in bar on 16" bar or 3 holes in bar on 20" bar - slotting of bar not acceptable.

  • Molytech Cylinder Head - Molybdenum impregnated and hardened aluminum/magnesium cylinder head with drop forged 74cc piston and moly-rings, increases compression, reduces heat and extends engine life. Allows the engine to run fuel with up to 15% alcohol content. This allows optimum performance from standard 87 to 92 octane fuels. Alcohol is added to standard fuel in order to meet emission standards set by the EPA and other city or state ordinances.
  • Two Mass System - Ergonomically designed handles with, optimum spacing and an anti-vibration system minimize fatigue and provide an unsurpassed operator experience. The two-mass system isolates the saw's handles from the engine and cutting arm with steel springs, minimizing vibration transferred back to the operator. The weight of the saw is balanced evenly between the two handles.
  • Exclusive Sabretooth and Cobra, Carbide Tipped Chains - The Carbide Chain of America, Carbide Tipped Chains are manufactured specifically for the fire industry and provide fast cutting of the hardest materials while extending the life of the chain and the safety for the user.
  • Patented Spring Loaded Depth Gauge - The only product for chainsaws that is not only a depth gauge but also provides additional safety as the depth bar and chain are completely covered as the depth gauge springs into position.
  • Exclusive Chain Technology - Exclusive to Unifire with over twenty-three years in the design and engineering, this chain can out-cut and out-perform any other chain on the market, period! We guarantee it. If you want safety, speed and durability, look no further. In hundreds of head to head tests, this chain won every time. Manufactured exclusively for Unifire and Univent by Carbide Chain of America.
  • ET Series Engine (Extreme Torque) - High performance engine reduces fuel consumption up to 20% and emissions up to 60%. The saw produces up to 20% more horsepower than stock increasing torque over a wider RPM range when ventilating a roof or cutting/felling trees. The ET Series gives more power throughout the cut.
  • Ram Jet, Forced Air Injection - The specially designed flywheel removes 97% of debris from the air with centrifugal force and provides 35% more airflow around the engine than standard flywheels. The clean air is channeled to the carburetor housing, pressurizing it through force injection. The end result is higher performance, better air filtration, and a longer lasting and cooler running saw.
  • Hyper-Volt : Electronic Ignition - The smart brain of the Hyper-Volt electronic ignition senses when the saw is under load and advances the voltage to maintain higher performance through the cut.
  • Superior Air Filtration Technology - The ventilation series saws combine the Ram Jet, Forced Air Injection System with a pure foam air filter, allowing 300% more airflow for heavy smoke and low oxygen environments. A pure foam air filter will not plug up in heavy smoke like paper or nylon filters.
  • Easy-Start Compression Relief Valve - High performance engine reduces fuel consumption up to 20% and emissions up to 60%. The saw produces up to 20% more horsepower than stock increasing torque over a wider RPM range when ventilating a roof or cutting/felling trees. The ET Series gives more power throughout the cut.
  • Vortec-Excelerator Carburetor - All position Vortec-Excelerator Carburetor with ported and polished dual charged transfer ports and Vortec-Excelerator chambers. Built in auto-filter compensating system, provides extreme power and engine acceleration with low emissions and excellent fuel economy. This specialty unit is mounted using vibration-dampening system that is designed to prevent vapor locking in extreme heat situations.

Extended Information

These saws develop over 6 HP and reach chain speeds of 121.6 ft. per second, allowing the chain to use a filing action rather than ripping and tearing. Perfect for the harsh environments of the fire service. Don't forget about the added safety features such as our patented spring-loaded depth gauge.