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MSA EVOLUTION® 6000 Xtreme Thermal Imaging Camera

SKU: 10145962

EVOLUTION™ 6000 Xtreme TIC: same standard and optional features as the Plus model, with added standard integrated video and image capture.


The new EVOLUTION® 6000 Xtreme TIC from MSA is the most advanced and rugged thermal imaging camera ever built. New and enhanced features include best in class image quality, light weight, laser pointer and range finder, integrated video and picture capture, and integrated wireless video transmission system. It is NFPA 1801-compliant and provides the industry’s best mix of features to support the thermal imaging needs of every fire department, rescue organization, strike team, or HazMat crew. Operation includes NFPA Basic Mode and additional features. Temperature readout in Celsius.


    • Image quality provides high-definition 320x240 core
    • Cameras are NFPA-compliant third-party-certified for fireground-rugged product design
    • Class 1, Division 2 Intrinsic Safety for increased protection within potentially explosive environments
    • Fireground-tough product design provides waterproof shock-resistance
    • Patented dual-handle design for easy handoff on the fireground
    • 6 color palettes offer flexibility to view thermal information intuitively
    • 2x/4x zoom allows for closer looks at areas of interest
    • Video/picture capture saves pictures and video for future review and training purposes

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