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MSA Cairns® XF1 Boom Microphone Headset

SKU: GA010002H3

The internally-mounted headset snaps easily inside the helmet, providing incoming communication right to the ear, where it's needed most.

  • The headset can be installed without tools and does not affect how the helmet fits on the firefighter’s head.
  • Users have the option of one or two integrated speakers.
  • The flexible, noise-cancelling Electret boom microphone extends more than 3 in. (76 mm) in length and can be used with or without SCBA facepiece.
  • When not in use, the microphone stows safely out of the way behind the wearer’s head.
  • Fire-retardant cable down-lead offers NEXUS (7.1 mm jack, four pole) connecting plug.
  • Headset adds minimal weight (3.5 oz. [99 g] for one speaker or 4.4 oz. [124 g] for two speakers).
  • This accessory is ATEX (Zone 1, IP56)-rated
  • The headset operates with various push-to-talk (PTT) modules, such as MSA HandyCom, enabling connection to a radio:
    • Housing with large, easy-to-push button
    • Down-lead cable to the radio with connection plug
    • Belt/strap attachment via durable integrated clip
  • No batteries needed; powered by the radio through the PTT.
  • Adding the communication headset does not affect compliance with NFPA-1971 and NFPA-1951.
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