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Genesis C236-SL3 eForce

SKU: ART1093514

The C236-SL3 is the largest cutter in the Nxtgen family. This tool offers incredible power and ergonomics. The Nxtgen blade system allow users to easily and quickly replace the sharp edge of the blade.



The next generation of untethered extrication. We started the redesign with the drive unit, adding a smaller more efficient brushless motor that makes even more power than eForce 2.0. Encased it with a state of the art housing equipped with more LEDs and impact resistant polymer. We ALSO packed in two new state of the art technologies SSS™ and SVT™.


Get durability, runtime, and power to complete the toughest extrications. The M28 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack is built to handle high-torque applications. Managed by Milwaukee’s exclusive REDLINK Intelligence, the battery features overload protection to prevent you from damaging your cordless power tools in heavy-duty situations, while the discharge protection prevents cell damage. The temperature management system and individual cell monitoring help maximize battery life.


Genesis Rescue’s new generation of hose-bound cutters, spreaders and combi tools can be converted to EFORCE battery-powered devices and vice versa at any time via a new Smart Swap System. This means more flexible decision-making. The conversion will only be done by a Genesis certified service technician.


Much like in vehicle races a rescue tool needs speed. Speed wins races and in extrication, saves lives. The new Smart Valve Technology in all Genesis cutters, spreaders, and combination tools increase cutting and spreading speed by shifting faster. Think of the materials in a b-post as a race track. On some portions of the track you will need to downshift to make more power and win the race. Where as other portions you need less power. Now imagine if you could shead time off the switching of gears. How much time would that save you? Seconds? Mili-seconds? With Genesis Smart Valve Technology we shaved time off your cut. Increasing your rescue times and helping you save lives.