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RAMFAN® 40v Battery Pack for EX50Li

SKU: R2-360AHU

RAMFAN’s R-Series Battery Pack is a water-resistant lithium ion battery that provides a reliable, high-energy-density power solution for portable industrial and firefighting equipment. Recommended purchasing 2.


The battery electronics include built-in protection, monitoring, power control, and battery conditioning. RAMFAN Battery Packs are armored inside and out to withstand wear and tear associated with tough jobsite conditions. They are ideally suited for powering portable equipment where reliability and weight are critical factors of success.


The RAMFAN R-Series Battery Pack is designed for ultimate reliability for jobsites where equipment readiness is critical. Each pack is delivered with fail-safe redundancy built-in. If a single cell were to fail in the field, the pack remains operational.

The lithium ion chemistry provides extremely high energy density while still maintaining good cycle life and performance, which are desirable for high draw, sustained runtime applications.

The design of the R-Series Battery Pack allows a user to quickly replace a discharged battery with a charged one without ever turning off the equipment, allowing users to maintain critical operations without disruption.

With the fully automated charging system, full battery recharge can be accomplished in 3 hours or less.


  • Housing made from hard-anodized aluminum alloy
  • Safety electronics for monitoring and prevention of over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current and over-temperature conditions.