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Aegis® Protect 90™ Antimicrobial Protection Program


Protect 90™ antimicrobial protection program makes surfaces easier to clean and protects them for extended periods of time.

The product is neither a disinfectant nor a sanitizer. Disinfectants kill microbes by poisoning them and need to be wet on a surface to do the job. The very second they dry, they lose all ability to kill. They do not offer ongoing or durable protection. The surface is at risk until the next disinfection. Protect 90™ steps up and delivers enduring surface protection, between disinfection.

  • Protect high touch surfaces between cleaning and disinfection
  • Health Canada registered to impart durable, broad spectrum antimicrobial protection to prevent microbial growth
  • Achieves a higher level of clean
  • Complements existing cleaning and disinfection protocols
  • Not a disinfectant nor sanitizer
  • Easy to apply
  • A physical surface modification

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