Safety IO is an easily accessible cloud-based software platform that improves firefighter safety by increasing a department’s capability for managing products, people, and processes. Take steps to streamline your tracking and controls by connecting your portable gas detectors to Safety IO Grid services.

    Although continuous monitoring is essential, maintaining calibration records and compliance data is time-consuming. You can simplify matters by connecting your gas detectors to the Safety IO Grid Fleet Manager. With your data secure in the cloud, it’s easier to remotely monitor gas readings and schedule maintenance.

    A flexible, user-friendly interface allows you to:
    • Get real-time data from anywhere with an internet connection at any time.
    • Oversee several sites and multiple gas detectors from one dashboard.
    • Ensure automatic backups for OSHA-compliant record-keeping.
    By connecting your MSA detection equipment to Safety IO Grid services, you’ll:
    • Improve your record-keeping process while reducing the time spent on administration.
    • Prioritize actions using a daily email summary about your fleet’s status.
    • Ensure accurate instrument maintenance records and strategically decommission devices for repair.
    • Leverage data for thorough risk assessments using live and historical data.
    • Develop better training programs using equipment usage information.
    • Reduce downtime with gas detectors that are routinely calibrated and bump tested.
    • Make informed decisions regardless of your location.
    • Decrease costs related to record storage and IT support services.