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A.J. Stone Company is pleased to announce a new partnership with Genesis Rescue Systems, which manufactures EFORCE 2.0, the most complete and diverse line of battery tools in the fire service today. This addition to our product line is in response to our customers' requests for a complete line of battery-operated rescue tools and battery pack-options with features that go beyond the basics. Whether your needs are for auto extrication, confined-space rescue, USAR, or forcible entry, they are all covered by the Genesis line of EFORCE 2.0 battery tools and accessories. Genesis' innovation and dedication to innovation and constant improvement are second to none. >> CONTACT US TO SCHEDULE A DEMO!


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To Our Valued Customers

Our 45th Anniversary at the OAFC is now over and it was so nice to see many of you come by the A.J. Stone Co. trade show booths to see what is new in the Fire Equipment industry. A new emphasis on Firefighter Health and Safety related to occupational exposures and cancer were certainly a theme to be aware of. To highlight some of the new products we featured in case you missed the show:

  • Our new partnership with Sparkle Solutions reps for the Continental Girbau Washer Extractors and RamAir Gear Dryers (following NFPA and FEMSA Recommendations) to clean and dry dirty gear
  • Introduction of FSI decontamination showers for on the scene decon in single vs. multi-person inflatable decon systems
  • Introduction of INNOTEX GRAY Bunker Gear– the new series of fabric interfaces that uses a particulate blocking layer while maintaining air permeability. All in preparation for the new NFPA 1971: 2018 Edition due this fall
  • The NEW INNOTEX GRAY 25 HOOD that shields the vulnerable area between the helmet and coat. Constructed with a particulate blocking layer while remaining air permeable, and a smooth cooling viscose filament inner liner
  • Introduction of the GENESIS line of battery operated hydraulic rescue tools with too many features to mention! Ask your sales rep. for more information
  • Featured the new MSA G1 SCBA with iTIC - the first integrated TIC option for every G1 SCBA putting TIC capabilities into each firefighters hands
As each year unfolds, there always seems to be some natural disaster that keeps some of you away from the OAFC education session. Our thoughts are with those working to save their communities from the floods that appear to be ravaging parts of Ontario yet again this year. We hope that you can tune into our new website for equipment information updates as they occur throughout the year.

Yours in Fire Safety,
The Stone Family and Staff

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