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A.J. Stone Company is pleased to announce a new partnership with Genesis Rescue Systems, which manufactures EFORCE 2.0, the most complete and diverse line of battery tools in the fire service today. This addition to our product line is in response to our customers' requests for a complete line of battery-operated rescue tools and battery pack-options with features that go beyond the basics. Whether your needs are for auto extrication, confined-space rescue, USAR, or forcible entry, they are all covered by the Genesis line of EFORCE 2.0 battery tools and accessories. Genesis' innovation and dedication to innovation and constant improvement are second to none. >> CONTACT US TO SCHEDULE A DEMO!

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To our valued friends and customers,

Happy New Year!

2017 is here and A.J. Stone Co. proudly celebrates its 45 years in business. Some of you may still remember our founder A.J. Stone Co. (Alf) who returned from World War II to be told that he was too old to follow his dream of becoming a firefighter. Second best was immersing himself in all things related to fire – the trucks, the equipment and the brotherhood! He was delighted to watch his two sons become professional firefighters and have his daughter join ‘the business’ prior to moving away to start her family. In failing health, Alf let the next generation take over the reins, and to his delight, he watched 2 of his grandsons learn ‘the business’ walking around the warehouse in fire boots. So the second generation of ‘Stones’ now watches with great pride as the third generation takes the reins to continue the vision of ‘unsurpassed customer service, product selection, and total satisfaction’. I guess many of us are wondering what the next few years may bring if NAFTA is re-negotiated, if border taxes make our predominantly U.S. manufactured products much more expensive, and who knows where our currency will land against the U.S. dollar. I will keep my cup half full and hope that there are many positives for Canadians in the years ahead. Buckle up and keep safe – we may be in for a ride!

Yours in fire safety,

The Stone Family and Staff

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